Project Background

The South-East New Territories Landfill Extension (SENTX) forms an essential and integral part of the waste management strategy in Hong Kong, by meeting the shortfall of landfill capacity as well as maintaining a continuous waste disposal service in an environmentally satisfactory and cost-effective manner.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for the SENTX was approved under the EIA Ordinance (EIAO) in May 2008 (Register No.: AEIAR-117/2008) and an Environmental Permit (EP) (EP-308/2008) was granted on 5 August 2008.

Since then, the Government has revamped the SENTX project by reducing its scale and designating its reception of construction waste only. EPs with amendments (EP-308/2008/A & EP-308/2008/B) were then granted for reflecting the subsequent changes.

In May 2018, a Further Environmental Permit (FEP) (FEP-01/308/2008/B) was granted to the SENTX’s contractor, Green Valley Landfill, Limited (GVL). Under the FEP, GVL is required to set up a dedicated website for placing the monitoring data and project information. This website contains the relevant monitoring data and project information including the Project Background, EIAO Documents, EP Submissions, EM&A Reports, EM&A Data and information on Community Liaison Group.